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Outdoor Plumbing Lines

Water Line Repairs

One of the more serious jobs Service Plumbing has to deal with are water line repairs. A leaky or broken water line can damage buildings, foundations and landscaping. Plus, it can run up your water bill. Needless to say, it is very unpleasant and potentially devastating.

So be wary of these signs that your home needs a water line repair:

  • Water pressure is reduced to a trickle
  • Lawn looks swampy
  • Soft patches and depressions in the ground have appeared around your home
  • Paving, bricks or concrete around your home appear damp or unstable
  • Water bill is much higher than normal

If these symptoms match what your home is going through, contact Service Plumbing immediately. We will send someone over as soon as possible to inspect the issue and determine how to solve it.

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